Apple Cider Irish Mule

Tullamore Dew, local Apple Cider

& Gosling's ginger Beer.

Garnished with Apple slices


Autumn Blackberry Mule

Ciroc, Blackberry Brandy,

fresh lime juice, 

topped off with Gosling's ginger beer

& garnished with blackberries 


Gin Apple Mule

Tanqueray, fresh lime juice,

local apple cider,

& Gosling's ginger beer

Garnished with apple slices &

A cinnamon stick


Spiced Pear Mule

Grey Goose La Poire, pear nectar, 

fresh lime juice,

& topped off with Gosling's ginger beer

Garnished with a cinnamon stick


Fall Sangria

Pinot Grigio, local Apple cider,

Brandy, splash orange juice & fresh lemon juice

Apples, Blackberries &

Cinnamon stick


Bourbon Peach Cobbler

Penelope Bourbon, peach juice,

Peach schnapps, fresh lemon juice,

& simple syrup

Topped off with club soda and peaches


Cranberry Harvest

Ciroc, Cointreau, 

fresh lime juice,

& pink cranberry juice

Garnished with cranberries


Black Cherry Lemonade

Jim Beam Red Stag,

fresh lemon juice,

tart cherry Juice, 

simple syrup

Topped off with club soda &

Garnished with cherries


Prickly Pear Martini

Grey Goose La Poire, pear nectar,

fresh lime juice

Lemon rind

Large Martini Glass


Bourbon Pear Cider

Penelope Bourbon,

pear nectar, fresh lime juice,

Local apple cider

Topped with club soda

Garnished with a cinnamon stick

& orange rind



Before or After 

Dinner Libation's



Oatmeal Cookie Tini

Goldschlager, Bailey's

& Kahlua

With a cinnamon sugar rim


Rumchada Cider Martini

Brandy, Rumchada,

Local Apple Cider

Garnished with ground cinnamon


Iced Jameson Cold Brew

Jameson Cold Brew, 

Kahlua & Rum Chata

with cinnamon sugar rim





Pear Cider


Peach Cobbler

Apple Cider

Irish Mule


Blackberry Mule

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